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Next Romantic Media of Love?

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2006-10-24 01:39 Modified@ 2006-12-19 12:45
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What is the essential romance of love?

OK. Here are my thoughts. When long and long time ago, someone sings for love, the transmission media is sound; And in the ancient time, bottles sealing with words may be thrown into sea as media for love; Then, it turned to times that people wrote poems and then mailed it, the transmission media is letters and paper; Then opera or drama came; And coming to modern days, radio may be used to as transmission media, newspaper or magazine are also can be used as media of love; And TV are also used a media of love; And now advertisements are all popular, it can also be used as media of love; Phones are also an important media for love; And these years, loves happening from emails, bbs, instant messenger (like qq or msn) are common.

So, where is next romantic love laying? Search Engine? Blog spaces? YouTube video? Google Ads?