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All kinds of things come up

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2005-11-24 19:01
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As an idea is developing, all kinds of things come up. In the origin, the idea is very simple, but when the idea is in the process of implementation, thing becomes more and more complicated that is somewhat beside my control.

The idea of SWT by JavaScript is a simple idea. But up until now, I only implement the tools to generate JavaScript from Java codes. This process has already eaten most of my scheduled time. And I find I am lost in the SWT's native codes!

I remember that in the June or July this year I was writing something whizz-store which is an idea that an RDF-based database is written by C++ under Linux. But as a matter of fact, lots of things came up and all my energies were eaten.

Maybe, ideas are always simple, but implementing an idea is always complicated.