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Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2005-11-24 13:52 Modified@ 2007-01-28 17:02
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Sometimes, we will find that the "Compare" with Latest Head in CVS will result in whole block of source is not the same. This will disturb us when we want to check which lines we are modifying especially when we do synchronization with CVS.

This is should considered as a bug of Eclipse. But at the current time before the bug is fixed, we can commit our modification and then replace the local copy with remote copy. "Replace" action is very important. If you just commit your source and then you modify a single line, and compare with latest head again, you will find that the whole source file is different with the remote source file. You can not identify which line is the line you just modified. So remember to do "replace" to help yourself as an Eclipser.