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Java2Script (J2S) Planning

Author Zhou Renjian Create@ 2005-11-18 11:00
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This project will be hosted in SourceForge.net, maybe named as J2S, so the j2s.sourceforge.net is comming up.

Goal of the project: Java2Script will provide JavaScript framework so that user can write script in a much more object-oriented senses, in a much more likeness of Java style. And J2S will also provide a Eclipse JDT Plugin so that the Java code can be exported into JavaScript without modifications or with a little modification. The J2S' main goal is to help JavaScript coder to write script more efficiently with the help of Eclipse JDT's efficiencies.

Drive of the project: The AJAX application is hot these days. So the JavaScript would be the next big thing in the Web 2.0. Here the project provide the genre tool to write script. And the project will also provide the abilities to convert those UI Java codes into JavaScript codes. And the project will try to provide JavaScript editon of SWT/JFace or AWT/SWing in the coming days.

Feasibility of the project: Object-Oriented JavaScript Framework is already tested. And Java codes to JavaScript codes convertion is also be tested. The robustness of Eclipse and JDT and its popularity is the main reason that this project choose JDT as the basic extension point.

The J2S project should be up before the end of 2005.

Josson Smith